At Certus, we provide our clients with the correct insurance.

It’s easy to buy insurance, but making sure the risks you or your business faces are managed - now that’s harder.

We have a 37 year history of building strong relationships with our clients, based around advice, service, trust and most of all, certainty.

Certus is a successful insurance brokerage, but our service goes further than that. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with risk management solutions that give you confidence that when you need them, they’ll work for you. After all, the only thing that is worse than not having insurance is having insurance that doesn’t work.


Managing your business’ risk

Understanding the risks you face is key to building a successful business. The challenge - sometimes these risks are hidden from view.

At Certus, we not only help you make sure your obvious risks are protected, but we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to know your business thoroughly, so we can identify “unknown unknowns”. 

Our team will then give you advice around the best way to manage all the risks your business faces, whether that’s through a comprehensive insurance plan, or taking other risk management steps to minimise the chance of unforeseen events stopping your business in its tracks.

If this sounds like the way you want to manage your business’ risk, get in touch with us today, or click below to read on about how we help businesses.


Protecting your family’s assets

Ever worried about picking up the phone to make a claim with your insurance company, only to find out your grandmother’s special necklace or your signed All Black rugby jersey isn’t covered?

When you insure your house, vehicle, boat or valued possessions through Certus, we’ll make sure that every item you need protected is protected.

Our personal insurance specialists will help you get insurance that works for you, and covers everything you can think of (and sometimes things you can’t) that needs protecting. We’re great at handling unique customer needs, and your personal insurance specialist will look after you from the start of your relationship with us through to any claims - so someone who understands your needs is always available.

Read on about how we can help you in our personal insurance section, or get in touch with us to discuss your individual needs.


Tradies Insurance

When you’re putting in the hard yards, you need to be confident that you can survive a few knocks along the way.

When something goes wrong, Tradies’ Cover is designed to help you get back on the job as soon as possible – and not be left out of pocket if you’re out of action for a while. Use our quick and easy online calculator to get an instant idea of how affordable it is to protect your most valuable assets.