How to get your car ready for summer

The end of another year is rapidly approaching, which means summer holidays are just around the corner. Your car normally plays an important part in your holiday plans, whether you’re doing the rounds of friends and family, or taking part in the great Kiwi pilgrimage to a far-flung beach or bach. Before the silly season kicks in, it’s a great idea to make sure your car is ready for all that summer has to throw at it. Here are a few tips for smooth summer motoring.

Check your engine’s fluid levels

Nobody wants to set off on a relaxing summer getaway only to break down an hour into the trip, so be sure to check your oil and coolant levels before you leave. A 50/50 mix of coolant and filtered water is ideal to keep your cooling system running smoothly. If your radiator has been extra thirsty lately, get it checked before embarking on a long trip. According to the AA, they attend an average of 7500 Roadservice callouts a year related to cooling system problems.

Get a better view

Long, hot summer days are often accompanied by extra dust and bugs, both of which invariably end up stuck to your windscreen. For maximum visibility on any road trip, give your vehicle glass a good clean before you leave, and top up your washer fluid tank with plenty of fresh water and windscreen additive. If your wiper blades are smearing or jittering, invest in a new pair that will keep your view crystal clear.

Safety first

Healthy tyres are important for safe vehicle handling and quick stopping, so pump them up to the correct PSI and check them for tread depth, uneven wear, cuts and bulges. Don’t forget to inspect the spare! Similarly, your brakes need to be in good condition. Get them checked annually as part of your regular service, and immediately if they start making unusual noises, smells or vibrations.

Make sure you’ve got the right cover

It’s important to make sure that, if you are involved in an accident, you’re properly covered for the repair or replacement of your vehicle. Is everyone who might drive the car this summer covered by your policy? Do you have glass cover? A stray flying stone can be all it takes to shatter a windscreen or window, but thankfully many insurance policies have options that will replace your glass without requiring payment of an excess or no claims bonus.

If you’re not sure if you have the right vehicle insurance for your summer road-trip, get in touch with us today to find out exactly what you’re covered for. Happy motoring!

Photo by Annie Theby