Top tips to keep your home secure during the holidays

An essential part of any summer holiday is the last-minute flurry of preparation as you get ready to leave your house and all your belongings unattended for a week or two. While the worry of something untoward happening is ever-present, there are a few last-minute things you can do to keep your house safe while you’re gone. Here are our top tips.

1. Don’t make it easy for burglars to get in

Make sure to lock all doors and windows securely, and set the alarm if you have one. Remember, some contents policies may not cover thefts that occur when you leave your alarm turned off.

2. Create the illusion of being at home

Don’t advertise your absence! Ask a neighbour to clear your letterbox, park in your carport, hang their washing on your line, and let their kids play in your yard. Set one or two lights on a timer to turn on before dusk each day. Turn down the ringer on your phone, so it’s not obvious that there’s nobody home to answer it. Leave curtains and blinds open.

3. Keep it hidden

It’s a good idea to hide your valuables and any spare sets of keys while you’re away. Thieves want to get in and out quickly, so putting your jewellery in unlikely places may save it from being stolen. Hiding your keys will prevent thieves from returning and letting themselves in to steal all your recently-replaced items. Don’t leave tempting items like laptops and game consoles sitting where they can be easily seen from a window.

4. Go easy on social media

Sharing a few idyllic holiday snaps with trusted family and friends is fine, but if you’ve got a public social media profile, perhaps wait until you get home to upload your photos.

5. Switch off

Power surges can damage your small appliances, so unplug any non-essential things like the toaster, washing machine, microwave, etc. before you leave. It’ll save you a bit of money on standby power, too! Obviously, you’ll want to leave your fridge and freezer on, but it’s a good idea to leave them as empty as possible, so if your power goes out for any length of time, there’s less food to get spoiled.

Being adequately insured against theft and damage while you’re on holiday is essential, so if you want to double-check that your house and contents insurance is up to the task, give us a call today!

Photo by NeONBRAND