Are your presents insured this Christmas?

Ask any kid their favourite thing about Christmas, and you’re likely to get just one answer – presents! Every year retailers experience a surge in trade as people buy up large for the holiday season. Last December, Kiwis collectively forked out around $6 billion in retail spending. Whether you’re already on top of your Christmas shopping, or you plan to hit up the shops closer to the big day, you’ll want to know that your carefully-chosen gifts are covered if anything should happen to them. Here are our tips for making sure your pressies are properly insured this silly season.

Keep your receipts

If your presents are damaged or stolen, it’s difficult to claim on them if you have no proof of ownership or value. Tuck your receipts away somewhere safe and take a photo of the unopened item with the price tag still attached. This is particularly important for tricky items to claim against like gift cards, alcohol and cash. There are plenty of handy apps that give you the ability to scan your receipts, so you have an electronic backup should the originals get lost or destroyed.

Don’t make it easy for thieves

If you like to put your presents under the tree, make sure they’re not in full view of a window where opportunistic burglars can see them. If you’re loading them into the car, lock it securely between trips to and from the house. Even a few minutes is long enough for someone to snatch items from your boot or back seat. If you’re heading off early, don’t be tempted to pack the presents in the car the night before. It might save a bit of pre-trip chaos, but cars are much easier to break into than houses.

Check your policy

Lots of us spend Christmas with family and friends. The gifts you bought for them might be insured at your house, but what about when they are shooting down the motorway in the boot of your car, or stashed under the tree at Grandma’s house? It’s important to check the terms and conditions of your contents policy to find out exactly which situations are covered. Similarly, if you’ve been lucky enough to splash out on something particularly extravagant this year, check what your coverage limits are. You may need to add big-ticket purchases to your policy as ‘specified items’ to make sure they’re insured for their full value.

If you’d like to check that your contents insurance covers your Christmas haul this year, give us a call at Certus for expert, friendly advice.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash