Do I need travel insurance this Christmas?

After a long year full of hard work, there’s nothing like getting away from it all over the Christmas holidays. You may not think you need travel insurance if you’re not going far or for long, but even small hiccups in your travel plans can end up being expensive and stressful. What kind of travel insurance do you need for your Christmas trip?

Domestic travel insurance

Many people think travel insurance is just for overseas trips, but if you’re exploring our beautiful country over the holidays, domestic travel insurance is something you should consider. Policies vary depending on the insurer, but generally cover cancellation costs and lost deposits, rental car excess, personal effects and luggage, and travel delay expenses like extra meals and accommodation. It’s a good idea to take out domestic travel insurance if your trip includes flights, hotel bookings and the use of rental cars or camper vans.

International travel insurance

Insurance policies for international travel vary in cost depending on where you’re visiting. Some countries have reciprocal healthcare arrangements with New Zealand, whereas others have very high medical care costs. You need much higher levels of cover for America, for example, than you do for Australia. International travel insurance covers you for a range of things such as loss or theft of belongings, expenses related to travel delay or cancellation, and emergency healthcare and transport home. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you may be able to find a policy that will cover it at an additional cost.

Multi-trip travel insurance

For frequent travellers, it may work out cheaper to get a multi-trip policy that covers you for the whole year. You need to check that it covers the full duration of any one trip that you have planned within that time.

If you’re planning to head away for a relaxing Christmas break, give Certus a call to find out if there’s a travel insurance policy that will keep stress levels to a minimum, whatever happens.

Photo by Paul-Vincent Roll