Five cool gadgets for your boat

One of the best things about owning a boat is all the recreational opportunities it offers you and your family. From diving to fishing to cruising, there’s an activity to suit everyone, and a there’s a plethora of gadgets available to make your downtime even more enjoyable. Here are five cool gadgets to add a bit of extra fun to any boating trip.


Sealife Micro Underwater Camera

If taking photos or video underwater is your passion, the Sealife Micro offers you an ultra-compact solution. It’s waterproof to 60 metres and takes both full HD video and beautiful photos with a 16MP Sony sensor and a 130-degree fish-eye lens. It’s easy to set up, and built-in wireless makes it a breeze to share your images.

Burnsco Wireless Speaker

Have you ever had your onboard sounds extinguished by a freak wave? Electronics and water don’t mix, but the Burnsco Wireless Speaker will take a soaking and keep on pumping out crystal clear audio, thanks to its IP66 waterproof rating. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to eight hours, and it also doubles as a hands-free speakerphone.

NavNet TZtouch2

Furuno’s latest GPS plotter and fish finder is so accurate, it can actually tell you the size of individual fish, using its Accu-Fish fish size analyser feature. It can also tell you the composition of the seabed to help you find fishing grounds or suitable anchoring spots. It also features a chart plotter, built-in wireless with real-time weather data, and radar that helps you identify approaching hazards.

Aqua Sinka

Are you a keen fisher but don’t like using lead sinkers? The team at Aqua Sinka has solved your problem with the Soaka – an environmentally-friendly sinker that’s made of ironsand and other non-toxic ingredients. The Soaka is absorbent and can hold up to 20% of its own weight in fish attractant. Just soak it for 30 minutes before use, and it will slowly release scents that fish can’t resist.

Ocean Signal Distress Flare

This high-tech electronic distress flare claims to be the world’s most compact. It uses super-bright LEDs to produce a 360-degree beam that is visible for up to 11 kilometres. It has four modes of operation, is waterproof to ten metres, and the battery is replaceable so that it can be used over and over again.

If you’ve got gadgets on your boat that you’d like to protect against loss or theft, give the friendly Certus team a call to find out how marine insurance can help you.