How to choose the right business insurance broker

Insurance is one of the most important products you will ever buy, and potentially also one of the most complicated and confusing. With so many different kinds on offer, all with slightly different features, benefits and costs, it’s often difficult to identify the right solution for your business. You don’t want to find out at claim time that you’re not covered for the things you thought you were, or that your level of cover is inadequate. That’s why getting advice from an experienced insurance broker is so important. But how do you choose someone who is going to help you make the right decisions?

Do they understand your business?

Unless your broker clearly understands how your business works, they can’t recommend appropriate products to you. At Certus, we assess every aspect of your business to make sure that you’re getting the right advice to protect yourself against all the risks you’re likely to face. By getting to know you and your goals, we can make sure that you’re correctly covered.

Will they work with you in a manner that suits your business?

Not every business operates the same way, which means that a flexible approach to doing business is a must when you’re choosing your insurance broker. Certus has experienced team members in Auckland and Pukekohe who want to make it as easy as possible for you to deal with us, whether that’s face to face, on the phone, or by email. It’s all part of understanding what you do, and what you need to keep your business running if the unexpected happens.

Will they put you first?

A good broker works for their customers, not the insurance companies who provide the products. At Certus, we’re dedicated to providing great advice and correct insurance through personal service and a genuine care for our customers. When you choose us, you get a dedicated relationship manager who knows your business inside out and operates in your best interests to get the right solutions for your business at the right price.

Will they be there at claim time?

If you need to make a claim on your insurance, chances are you’ve just had a bit of a shock. Being able to get helpful advice from someone you know and trust is really important at such a stressful time. There’s nothing worse than dealing with a stranger who doesn’t understand your business. At Certus, we’re there for you when you need it most, helping you through the claims process and striving to get you the best possible outcome.

Give the team at Certus a call to talk to a broker who will put you and your business first and help you get the correct cover for your unique situation.