Certainty (n). firm conviction that something is the case

When you’re organising insurance for your business, you might find yourself asking the question “how do I know I know that this actually going to work when I need it?”

At Certus, we’re committed to giving you certainty that your business insurance and risk management will work when you need it. We’ll make sure that you understand exactly how the cover you have works, what it covers, and what your business needs to do in the event of needing to make a claim.

Our business is built around providing our customers with certainty - our name says it all.

We make sure our clients are correctly insured

Having the correct insurance is something a lot of businesses take for granted, but in reality, it’s not as straightforward as it sounds.

Each business is unique, and as a result, faces its own set of complex risks. This means you can’t just take a one size fits all approach to insurance, and at Certus, we make sure our solutions are tailored to your business.

Our specialist team are experts with years of experience of developing the correct risk management solutions for our clients. It’s about making sure you have all the cover you need, and none of the cover you don’t.

It takes trust

In the unfortunate event you need your cover, you can trust us to be there for your business. When you need us, we’ll swing into action and make sure you get the outcomes you expect from your insurance.

What’s more, we’re not just your insurance broker, we’re an advocate for your business. The strong relationships we’ve built across the insurance industry enable us to work with insurers to make sure you get the outcome you’re expecting - not an unexpected headache.

We see Certus as a key business partner, not just an insurance broker, and they’re one of ECC’s trusted professional advisers.
— Mike Thorburn, Managing Director - ECC Limited

Start with the right advice

When you’re going through the process of organising your business’ risk management plan and insurance, the right advice is the best place to start.

At Certus, we’re focused on making sure you get the right advice. We ask the right questions and take the time to understand your business, including:

  • The history behind your business, and how it got to where it is today
  • Your goals for your business and what you want to achieve
  • Your customers and how you work with them
  • The way your operation runs, from the Managing Directors office to the shopfront or the factory floor

Once we’ve got this information, we can provide you with the right advice, that leads to your business being correctly insured, so you have certainty that what you expect to happen will happen.

Sometimes, there’s a better way to manage risk than insurance

We’re also not afraid to give you advice that leads to you minimising risks instead of buying insurance.

You may not need to insure everything. Sometimes you’re better off engaging someone who can help you minimise a particular risk than try and insure it. As part of our advice, we’ll help you identify any areas where it might be appropriate to minimise and mitigate risks without insurance - and then put you in front of the right people to help you achieve this.

Certus recommended we engage the services of a Risk Management Consultant. The outcomes of this review have significantly benefited ECC...we’ve been able to develop better business practices and a stronger risk management programme.
— Mike Thorburn, Managing Director - ECC Limited

Business Insurance can be personal too

One of the unique ways we do business at Certus is provide each and every one of our clients with a single point of contact who can help them all the way from putting in place new cover, to managing claims, to handling a day to day query.

This means that every time you pick up the phone, instead of talking to someone who might know you (but also might not), you’re talking to someone who understands your business, and can help.

It’s all about follow through

Our personal approach goes all the way - from the moment you start working with Certus, to the moment you need your insurances the most.

Our unique, single point of contact approach means that you’re dealing with the same person at claim time that you dealt with when you first took out your insurance plan, and this means a lot.

Instead of dealing with a claims manager who doesn’t know your business, you’re dealing with someone you’ve already got a great relationship with and who’s number one priority is to get you the best outcome for your business. 

Certus took the time to review our existing situation and get to know our business. By doing this, they were able to establish why insurers were having difficulty providing the cover we needed at a fair price.
— Mike Thorburn, Managing Director - ECC Limited